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Bret Bringham
Wellness Manager

  At Melton Truck Lines, one of our 12 Traditions that define our culture is; We count on each other to be here. Illness, injury and absenteeism hurt us all. We practice safe work habits and believe in a healthy lifestyle.

Enroll Now for 2015 iCare Rewards!

Melton has always worked hard to provide top quality health benefits at the lowest possible cost to its employees. As in the past, however, health insurance costs have continued to sharply rise. According to Blue Cross, the majority of rising costs are due to poor lifestyle choices and lack of preventative screenings by a moderate percentage of our covered employees.

" must complete 2 simple steps to qualify for full plan selection in 2015"
Receiving preventive care is one of the most important steps you can take to manage your health. That's because when a condition is diagnosed early, it is usually easier to treat. And regular checkups can help you and your doctor identify lifestyle changes you can make to avoid certain conditions.

iCare enrollment includes completion of a biometric screening including: bodyweight, blood pressure, fasting glucose and fasting cholesterol, and waist circumference. By enrolling in iCare, you and your spouse will be eligible for full plan selection and undergo simple preventative screenings that may save your life.

For 2015 iCare enrollment you must complete 2 simple steps to qualify for full plan selection in 2015:

  1) Complete your biometric screening before Septermber 30, 2014. The screening form is available by clicking the wellness tab at
  2) Send your screening results to Compass by September 30, 2014. Fax: 972-865-8164 or Email:
*Please contact Compass to verify receipt of your screening form. Note: Allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

Be healthy and be safe,

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