Drivers of the Month

Current Driver of the Month:

Brian has been with Melton for 1½ years. He was a carpenter for 30 years prior to going over-the-road. When asked what separates Melton from other companies Brian replied, “Melton treats their drivers very well and with a lot of respect. Out of all the companies I’ve worked for this is by far the best. I am thoroughly impressed with everyone’s professionalism.” Brian gives the following advice to help others succeed at Melton, “Be diligent, alert, and do not joke around while securing a load.” Brian calls Michigan home, and enjoys traveling overseas, going on cruises, and skiing with his family on his down-time.

November Driver of the Month
RonaldHarrison-NovemberDOMRonald Harrison – Ronald has been a professional driver for 25 years and has driven at Melton for 5 years. When asked what makes Melton different from other companies, Ronald replied,

“Everyone enables you to do your job safely without any added pressure. Safety is important, and as long as I can be safe, I’m good.”

When asked what tips Ronald has to help other drivers be successful, he said, “Take your time and pay attention. Continue to focus on safety and you’ll do just fine.” Ronald calls New Orleans, Louisiana home. When he isn’t behind the wheel, he enjoys freshwater fishing and fixing old cars.

October Driver of the Month
DavidSunde-OctoberDOMDavid Sunde – David has been a professional driver for 38 years and has been with Melton for 7 years. In a former life, David was an insurance salesman, but always wanted to be a truck driver. When asked what makes Melton different from other companies, David replied,

“Melton has a great culture and has an exceptional support system in place for their drivers and top-of-line equipment.”

When asked what tips David has to help other drivers be successful, he said, “Making yourself available to help others will help you live a fulfilling life. Studying different loads and securement techniques, being mindful of your surroundings, and taking your time will help you succeed in the flatbed industry.” David was born and raised in Minnesota, but now calls Texas home.  When David is not on the road, he enjoys watching reality TV and reading Science Fiction and Mystery novels. 

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