Cargo Protection & Load Securement Equipment

Melton is in the process of converting the fleet from the heavy, 2-piece tarp system to a more convenient, light-weight 3-piece tarp system.  We appreciate all of the important feedback we have received from drivers about tarp design.  We have design our new tarp system with our drivers in mind.

  • The new 3-piece tarps are 30% lighter than the 2-piece tarps
  • The center tarp is designed to be used as a coil tarp with 4 rows of D-rings on all sides
  • The center will now be BLACK to make easier identify as the center tarp of a 3-piece tarp system
  • The end pieces of the 3-piece system will have a extra 2’ added to each tarp to better cover the variety of loads

Please note the original 2-piece tarp system will no longer be repaired or purchased; only the 3-piece system will be serviced. To be prepared for all types of securement, every truck was stocked with enough equipment to properly secure most any load.  load-securement

Please make sure you have the minimum equipment listed below:

Full Set Of Tarps

  • 18 – 4” Straps
  • 4 – 2” Straps
  • 2 – 4” Ratchets
  • 4 – 2” Ratchets With Straps
  • 12 – Chains
  • 12 – Binders
  • 8 – Coil Racks & Pads
  • 8 – Beveled Boards
  • 24 – Chain Protectors
  • 8 – Pipe Stakes
  • Lots Of Padding

Many of our customers are requiring items such as pipe stakes or a minimum of 18 – 4” straps for securing.  If you are not carrying these items, you could be at risk of losing that load and possibly the customer. Please take a quick inventory of your equipment. If you find you are missing something, please go to the closest terminal and get what you need or call Outside Repair. Having the proper equipment at all times will make your job less stressful and more manageable.

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