Why Monday Morning Matters

“We need to be more productive” – It’s a phrase that we have all heard.  Sometimes it’s a code that means “work harder for less”.  At Melton Truck Lines, it means finding smarter ways to organize our time and resources.

For many years, we’ve focused on being early for the Monday delivery appointments. Whether a driver rolled into the consignee out of hours at 0600 for a 0700 appointment or arrived Sunday late afternoon and got a full break in didn’t really matter, as long as they were ‘On Time’.  That has changed.


One of the keys to making the most of our time is to understand how our business flows.  With our freight makeup and business model, we operate best on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday load cycle.  In order to load on Monday, we need trucks empty as early as possible with full hours available to run.  A truck that is empty by 0900 Monday is up to 23% more productive through that week.

We are now requiring that drivers dispatched for Monday delivery arrive at legal ETA.  If legal ETA is Sunday morning, that’s when you will be expected to arrive.   Drivers who could have arrived earlier but roll into the consignee at the appointment time, out of hours, will be issued a Type One Service Alert.   If you are taking a load through the house, you need to plan to leave in time to arrive so that you get a break in before you empty, and have full hours Monday.

Does that mean you’re guaranteed an immediate reload every Monday morning?  Not yet. However, as the economy continues to improve, our fleet will be in the best position to take advantage of the increased freight availability.

We’ve seen tremendous improvements in the last 6 months by making fairly simple changes to how we do things.  Monday mornings set the tone for the whole next week, so do what you can to arrive early, maximize your hours, and position yourself to get empty as early as possible.

Drive safe.  Live well.  Be productive!  Thank you for all your efforts!

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