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Melton Flatbed Truck Driver Benefits Package

Bob Peterson, Melton’s Chairman and CEO states, “Our industry needs to pay drivers more for the service provided and the sacrifices they make. We want to reward our drivers not only in pay, but with great benefits as well. We want to make sure they have access to good medical care and coverage, as well as a solid plan for retirement.” All benefits are effective the first of the month following 60 days of employment.

Health Insurance and Coverage

One of Melton’s 12 Traditions is, “We count on each other to be here. Illness, injury, and absenteeism hurt us all. We practice safe work habits and believe in a healthy lifestyle.” To help everyone meet this goal, Melton offers comprehensive health coverage including:

  • Medical insurance through GPA Network
  • iCare PPO Plan with discounted rates
  • Preventative care services covered at 100% (In Network)
  • Free on-site health clinics serviced by CareATC at the Tulsa and Laredo
  • Health concierge service through Nurse Navigator
  • Flex Spending Account (FSA) from $120 to $2,500
  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending up to $5,000

Speak with your recruiter for rates based on your family’s needs by calling 866-715-8563. If you are currently employed with Melton and have questions, please contact the Benefits department.

Current Benefits Guide

Dental Insurance And Coverage

For more flexibility in your busy life, Melton now offers free on-site dental exams and cleanings with company insurance. Our company insurance covers the following:

  • 100% preventative exams and care covered
  • $50 Deductible
  • 80% Basic
  • 50% Major
  • $1,500 Annual Maximum
  • $50 Orthodontic Deductible
  • $2,000 Lifetime Maximum

Vision Reimbursement Plan

Covered employees will be reimbursed up to $200 annually and up to $100 annually for covered spouse or children.

Life Insurance

You will receive a free $20,000 life insurance policy with double indemnity provision provided to you by Melton. You can opt to purchase supplemental life insurance as well.

Short Term Disability

Melton’s short term disability covers non-work related injuries, illnesses, and pregnancy for a premium of $40.11 per month. This benefit replaces 60% of covered earnings, up to a maximum benefit of $750 per week. Benefit payments will cover up to 13 weeks of continuous disability.

Paid Vacation

Vacation pay is based on average weekly wages and is paid on a regular pay check. You have one full year to use your earned vacation time.

  • 1 week after 1 year
  • 2 weeks after 2 years
  • 3 weeks after 10 years

On-Site Gym

Melton offers an on-site gym, workout facilities, and personal trainer. Stay fit while over the road with a personalized workout plan or hit the gym when you’re at the Tulsa or Laredo terminals.

Home Christmas Day

Everyone is guaranteed to be home on Christmas day.

Melton's 401(K) Plan

We take care of our employees and their families in every way, and we want to make sure they are financially sound when they retire from Melton, but planning for retirement can seem complicated.

Make it simple and ask yourself this: Does your “Nest Egg” have enough in it to support you and your family once you retire? Melton 401(k) Plan provides you the means to build and protect your nest egg. The plan has a generous matching contribution, solid investment options, and access to professionals who can help answer any questions you may have.

Here are the basics of the Melton 401(k) Plan:

  • You save money each paycheck. It can be as little as 1% or up to 50% of your pay.
  • Melton matches 50 cents for each dollar you contribute on the first 7% of your pay.
  • Your contribution plus the match is invested each pay day and all you have to do is watch it grow. If saving is not in your budget when you start with Melton, that’s ok. You can start the plan anytime you like. You can also increase your savings amount every year, month, or even paycheck.
  • You are fully vested after 3 years of employment with Melton.
  • Retirement and savings plan coaches are available through the company’s provider, NestEggU.
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