President's Welcome

Welcome to Melton Truck Lines. We are one of the nation's leading flatbed trucking companies with a large and growing fleet of modern, safe, and well-maintained equipment. We are uniquely 100% air-ride, providing shippers with consistent, on-time transportation service. Offering full North American coverage, Melton currently services over 5,000 satisfied shippers with a 98% on-time pick-up and delivery record.

Melton has been in the trucking business since 1954. During that time, we have responded to the changing needs of our customers, whether it is just-in-time delivery, satellite communications, or Internet load tracking. We monitor each shipment, working diligently to ensure each load arrives on time. Melton is recognized as one of the most dependable international carriers covering the United States, Mexico and Canada. We have been doing business in Mexico since 1980, and have a sales office in Monterey. We have developed exceptional international border crossing expertise, giving our customers the advantage of efficient handing of their cargo in and out of Mexico.

Melton's commitment to safety is evident in our stringent driver employment standards and driver training programs. We go to great lengths to ensure experienced, professional drivers are dedicated to the safe delivery of your products.

We are eager to learn about you and your needs. We have many quality awards and satisfied customers, and will be happy to provide those references to you. You have my personal dedication to the consistent and reliable safe handling of your freight.

Bob Peterson

Melton Running Rabbit 60 Year Abnniversary

Melton History

Melton Truck Lines had a humble beginning in 1954 when Bert and Gladys Melton purchased a small piece of operating authority and a couple of trucks and began operations in Crossett, Arkansas. Business began with a plan to haul lumber and roofing materials in the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Bert purchased two brand new diesel "B Series" Mack tractors within a few years, which gave him a total of six trucks and twenty-three trailers. In late 1957, Bert met with an untimely death, leaving the business in his wife's hands.

In 1958, William Duncan McRae purchased the company. In respect for Bert Melton's memory, the name Melton was retained for the truck line. From the beginning, the newly incorporated company had a family atmosphere. The company was small, and many of the employees were husband and wives. Through the years, this unique atmosphere grew stronger, and whole families - mothers, fathers, sons and daughters would become part of the "Melton Family." The McRae's became known affectionately as Mr. Mac and Mrs. Mac.

Mr. Mac eventually approached his son, Duncan (Dunc) McRae, Jr., with the idea of joining him in the company. Because of Dunc's experience with IBM, he recognized a potential benefit if Melton began using computers. At the time, there were few programs designed for trucking companies, so Duncan wrote his own, which put Melton out in front of the competition.

In 1980, Melton was approved as a bonded carrier with the customs service, which marked the start of the Mexican "through-trailer" service, another pioneering move. Through the years, Melton's fleet grew to 600 trucks and utilized both box vans and flatbed trailers.

Meanwhile, in 1989, Bob Peterson formed a new company called GlasTran, whose focus was exclusively on the needs of flatbed shippers, and located it in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The first customers were primarily glass companies, and the company started up with 30 leased tractors, 36 trailers, and six people in the office.

In 1991, Duncan McRae, Jr., retired by selling Melton Truck Lines, Inc. to Bob Peterson. At the time of the sale, Melton's operation consisted of 340 trucks, 700 trailers and 12 terminals. Mr. Peterson decided to relocate the headquarters to Tulsa, OK, merging GlasTran and Melton together. Melton family members describe the period before the merger as "Old Melton" and the subsequent years as "New Melton."

Melton has grown to be a strong industry leader, employing over 1,200 of the best professional drivers available. The company continues to convey an attitude and feeling of family. The gleaming fleet of new, blue Kenworth trucks proudly serves customers from coast-to-coast, and strives to remain ahead of the competition with top-notch drivers, customer service, and safety programs, as well as state-of-the-art equipment and communications techniques.


 Bob Peterson, President Melton Truck Lines

Bob PetersonChairman and Chief Executive Officer Melton Truck Lines

Mr. Peterson has served as Melton's president since July 1991 when he acquired the company. Prior to that, he served as President of GlasTran, Inc. a trucking company he founded in 1989. Mr. Peterson joined Contract Freighters, Inc., of Joplin, Missouri July 1985 and served in a number of capacities concluding as Executive Vice President.

Prior to CFI, Mr. Peterson's professional experience included executive management positions in venture capital, bank management, and public accounting. Mr. Peterson holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from Gustavus Adolphus College and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Southern California; he is a Certified Public Accountant.

Mr. Peterson's hobbies include golf and swimming. He is an active supporter of the Boy Scouts of America, the United Way, and various other organizations.

In 2014, Mr. Peterson was named “Healthy Executive of the Year” for leading the way for wellness in Tulsa County and Commercial Carrier Journal named Melton, "Innovator of the Year" for his efforts to promote driver health and wellness.

“As the CEO and owner, I take my business very personally. When describing my leadership style, I would say I am a participative manager. I empower employees at all levels to contribute ideas and make decisions based on ‘the right thing to do” – right for our customers and right for our business. This philosophy has made us nimble and responsive to our customers, retain talent, and earn numerous industry and community recognitions.”

Bob Peterson, President Melton Truck Lines
Angie Buchanan - V.P. of HR & Safety Melton Truck Lines

Angie Buchanan V.P. of HR & Safety

Ms. Angela Buchanan joined Melton Truck Lines in 1996 as a Recruiter. She served in that capacity until October 1997 when she assumed the responsibilities of HR & Recruiting Manager. Four years later, she was promoted to Director of Human Resources. In April 2008. Ms. Buchanan assumed the VP of Safety and HR position, responsible for recruiting, staff and driver training, compliance, wellness, and other human resources and safety functions. She holds both a Bachelor of Business Management and MBA degree from Northeastern State University.

Mike Dargel - Vice President & General Counsel

Mike Dargel Vice President & General Counsel

Mr. Dargel joined Melton in December 2004. Mike has over 30 years experience in litigation and claim management, including ten years of private practice in defense litigation and another ten years as associate general counsel to a national transportation insurer. In April 2008, Mr. Dargel was named Vice President of Risk Management and Claims. In addition to overseeing the company's claim department and insurance needs, he serves as legal counsel to the company and supervises all litigation and major claim activity. Mr. Dargel has a Bachelor of Science from Marquette University and his law degree from the University of Arizona; he is a practicing member of the Oklahoma Bar Association.

Russ Elliott - Senior V.P. of Operations

Russ Elliott Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Elliott joined Melton in 1991 as a Customer Service Representative. He served in this capacity until September of 1992 when he assumed the responsibilities of Operations Manager. In December 1994, he was promoted to Director of Operations. After serving two years with a communications firm, Mr. Elliott rejoined Melton in June 2001 as Vice President of Operations. In a strategic move in November 2004, Mr. Elliott moved to the Safety department as Vice-President of Safety, Loss Prevention, and H.R. After a successful tenure in the Safety department, Mr. Elliott returned to the Operations department in March 2008 and was promoted to Sr. Vice-President of Operations. Mr. Elliott holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma. Russ maintains a healthy lifestyle and is an active participant in several transportation associations in addition to local charitable organizations in the Tulsa area.

Rhonda Meshew - V.P. & General Manager, Madrona Investment Co., LLC

Rhonda Meshew V.P. & General Manager, Madrona Investment Co., LLC

Rhonda has been with Madrona Investment Co. since 2001. In addition to designing, developing and overseeing the property management of Melton’s truck terminals, she also develops and oversees asset and property management of a commercial investment real estate portfolio. Rhonda is a Certified Commercial Investment Member Designee and has a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and Physical Education from Oklahoma Christian College.

Brice Peters - V.P. of Sales & Marketing

Brice Peters V.P. of Sales

Mr. Brice Peters joined Melton Truck Lines in August 1994. He formerly held eight different job titles at Melton before sales management, including territory sales responsibilities as a Regional Sales Representative. Mr. Peters oversees the domestic sales force and pricing management to ensure customer expansion and satisfaction. He holds a combined Bachelor degree of Marketing and Management from Missouri Southern State University.

Robert Ragan - CFO, Senior V.P. of Finance

Robert Ragan Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Ragan joined Melton Truck Lines in November of 2000. He formerly served as Executive Director of Finance for a trucking specific software company. Mr. Ragan oversees all aspects of the Finance Department which includes accounts payable, billing, credit, fuel, benefits, licensing, payroll, purchasing, taxation and financial reporting. Mr. Ragan holds a Bachelor degree of Accounting from the University of Oklahoma and an M.B.A. in Marketing from Oklahoma City University. He is the past Chairman of the National Accounting & Finance Council for the American Trucking Association.

Randy Rhines - CIO, Senior V.P of Information Technology

Randy Rhines CIO, Senior V.P of Information Technology

Mr. Rhines has over 25 years experience in trucking management information systems. After joining Melton in 1989 as an Information Services Manager, he was promoted to Vice President of Information Technology in November 1996. Mr. Rhines directs the functions of the IT department, which includes evaluating new technology applications for Melton and managing computer and communication functions. Mr. Rhines holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from Missouri Southern State University.

Jeff Robinson - Senior V.P. of Maintenance

Jeff Robinson Senior V.P. of Maintenance

Mr. Robinson joined Melton as our Director of Maintenance in October 2001. Prior to Melton, he served with Tulsa Transit Authority for nine years, and United Engines, Inc, for fifteen years previous to that. Mr. Robinson is responsible for managing our truck and trailer maintenance facilities in both Tulsa and Laredo, focusing on maintaining a customer friendly department that meets quality, timeliness and productivity goals. Mr. Robinson holds a degree from OSU in Diesel and Heavy Equipment Repair.

Dan Taylor - Senior V.P. of Sales

Dan Taylor Senior V.P. of Sales & Marketing

Mr. Dan Taylor joined Melton in September 2003. He has over 22 years of experience in marketing and sales both domestically and internationally. Mr. Taylor oversees the management of the Sales and Marketing Department to ensure the continual growth and development of Melton's customer base and sales force. Mr. Taylor has a Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma State University.

Lisa Mason - V.P of Operations

Lisa Mason V.P. of Operations

Lisa began her career with Melton in October of 1998 as a Recruiting Associate and has steadily progressed, serving most recently as Director of Operations.

“Lisa’s commitment to the continuous improvement of Melton’s outstanding Operations department is truly admirable. Her upbeat and positive personality, all-encompassing experience, and attention to detail will serve her well in her new position on the top leadership team. Lisa has more than earned this promotion through her hard work and dedication, and I am most appreciative of her efforts over the years.” said Bob Peterson, Chairman & CEO.

Lisa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Human Resources from Northeastern State University.

Sales & Support

We don't just look good. We Deliver.

Melton delivers the total package with quality service that reaches beyond borders while providing reliable, safe transportation solutions without sacrificing competitive price and service.

Our service is a reflection of your company. That is why for over 57 years Melton Truck Lines has been a leader in the flatbed industry with dependable on-time pick-up and delivery. We provide customers with customized solutions to meet individual needs---minimizing cost while maximizing efficiency.

  • Coverage Throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada
  • 1,000+ Trucks and 1,700+ Trailers
  • Trailer Pools and Dedicated Trucks
  • Offices in Tulsa, OK; Laredo, TX; El Paso, TX; Birmingham, AL and Masury, OH
  • Covered cargo protection facilities in Tulsa and Laredo
  • State-of-the-art technology with Qualcomm® load tracking
  • Project coordination and specialized solutions available


Whether crossing state lines or international borders, Melton Truck Lines is one of the largest and most experienced international flatbed carriers in North America. We serve all 48 contiguous states with primary traffic lanes east of the Rockies. In 1980, Melton pioneered through-trailer service to Mexico and continues to be a leader in the industry. Our domestic and international services include:

  • Through-trailer service to and from Mexico and Canada minimizes cargo claims
  • Operating authority in eastern Canadian provinces
  • Over 14,000 border crossings per year NB + SB
  • 300+ trailers dedicated to serving Mexico
  • Local offices in Monterrey, Mexico; Laredo, Texas and El Paso, Texas
  • Bilingual sales, customer service and equipment control specialists
  • Strategic interchange agreements with leading Mexican carriers
  • U.S. Customs bonded


Your Dedicated Account Team is there for you 24/7 providing personalized service---when you need it. By phone, fax, email or the internet, Your Dedicated Account Team is your common point of contact and easily accessible. When booking a load or requesting a rate quote, you are served by a team member familiar with your account, rates, loads and traffic lanes

  • Dedicated Regional Sales Representative and Customer Service Representative
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • QualComm®/OmniTRACS® Satellite tracking for up-to-the-minute information
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and Internet Communications for: load tracking and tendering, electronic pricing and billing, invoicing and bills of lading.

Melton Truck Lines is known for its signature blue trucks, but it is what's under the hood and who's behind the wheel that separates Melton from the competition. Our expanding fleet of impeccably maintained late model, air-ride equipment reflects the pride we take in serving our customers. Melton hires only experienced over-the-road drivers that meet stringent safe driving standards. Our drivers are further supported with Melton's nationally recognized safety program.

  • Each driver undergoes a rigorous screening process and is required to attend intensive safe driving and securement training programs.
  • Drivers continuously receive safety training at all terminals.
  • Over 98% on-time delivery.
  • On-site safety and securement officer at each terminal.

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