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Whether crossing state lines or international borders, Melton Truck Lines is one of the largest and most experienced international flatbed carriers in North America. We have been in business for over 60 years, and we take pride in our reputation of being a leader in the flatbed industry. We service the United States and Canada and offer thru-trailer service to Mexico with top of the line trucks and 100% air-ride flatbed trailers. We can provide you with customized solutions to meet your flatbed transportation needs through responsive customer service, advanced technology, and our modern, expanding fleet.

Quest For Quality Award - Flatbed Trucking Companies, flatbed companies, list flatbed trucking companies, flatbed transport companiesWe are proud of our outstanding international service and have won several awards for exporting. We know you expect professionalism, proper handling, and on-time delivery of your freight. That is why Melton hires only over the road drivers that meet stringent safe driving and service standards.

We have also been a recipient of the Quest for Quality from "Logistics Management" for 10 of the last 11 years.
At Melton, you will have a dedicated account team that is available for you 24/7 providing personalized service when you need it. Our dedication has earned us the reputation as one of the most dependable flatbed carriers. We have also been a recipient of the Quest for Quality from "Logistics Management" for 10 of the last 11 years.

Our commitment to strive to improve service to our customers, coupled with our commitment to the transportation industry, has given us an edge in an industry where competition is fierce, and the ability to satisfy your customers is often the only edge you have. We continue to look for new ways to keep our competitive edge and uphold our long-standing tradition of quality domestic and international flatbed service. Whether your business consists of one load or multiple loads, we can handle it. Give us a chance to show you what sets us apart from the rest.

USA/Domestic Service

USA/Domestic Service -flatbed trucking companies with 50 trucks, flatbed companies, list flatbed trucking companies, flatbed transport companies

Melton Truck Lines has been a leader in the flatbed industry for over 60 years. We operate a well maintained fleet of late model trucks and 48' & 53' air-ride, flatbed trailers that scale 48,000 lb payloads. All of our trailers are "California legal". Unlike many flatbed carriers who only run regionally or in a limited geographic area, Melton operates throughout all 48 contiguous states – as well as Canada and Mexico.

Melton can provide you with dedicated trucks and/or trailer pools tailored for your specific needs. Our online load tracking with optional e-mail notification provides up-to-the minute status updates of your shipments. We also offer EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and Internet communications for: load tracking and tendering, electronic pricing and billing, invoicing and bills of lading.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Tulsa, OK. Melton also has terminals staffed with operations and safety personnel in Dallas, TX, Laredo, TX, El Paso, TX, Masury, OH, and Birmingham, AL. We have covered cargo protection facilities in Tulsa and Laredo.

Melton Truck Lines' outstanding service has earned us recognition as a premiere flatbed carrier. We hire service oriented, over-the-road drivers that meet stringent safe driving standards. Our service and safety records have won several awards. Let us show you what sets Melton Truck Lines apart from the rest.

Canada Service

Canada Service - flatbed trucking companies with 50 trucks, flatbed companies, list flatbed trucking companies, flatbed transport companies

Melton Truck Lines is one of the largest and most experienced international flatbed carriers in North America. We are U.S. Customs bonded and handle thousands of international shipments each year. Melton participates in ACE & CTPAT, both of which facilitate trade and strengthen border security. We are well-versed in border crossings as well as the paperwork and processes involved in getting your freight across the border. Our goal is to make shipments into and out of Canada as effortless as a domestic load.

Unlike with loads going in or out of Mexico, our trucks and drivers cross the Canadian border and deliver your load to its final destination. All of our trucks are equipped with Omnitracs and we offer online load tracking 24 hours a day, so you can always know the status of your shipments.

Choose Melton for your next load into or out of Canada. We look forward to becoming your first choice for all of your for international shipments.

Mexico Service

Mexico Service - flatbed trucking companies with 50 trucks, flatbed companies, list flatbed trucking companies, flatbed transport companies

Experience: With one of the longest histories of international service among all United States carriers, border crossings are routine business at Melton Truck Lines. Over 30% of our business crosses the US/Mexico border. Throughout our years of service to and from Mexico, Melton has demonstrated its superiority in cross-border operations expertise and the ability to deliver products on time and damage-free, which has contributed significantly to the exporting and importing success of our customers. We are recognized industry-wide as one of the most dependable and experienced international carriers. Melton Truck Lines was again recognized for its international service in 2012 with the President’s “E” Star Award for Export Service. This award is given to previous “E” Award recipients who have continued to demonstrate a significant contribution to U.S. export expansion.

Thru-trailer service to and from Mexico: Our thru-trailer service keeps our customers' cargo on the same trailer, which speeds border crossing and reduces total cost. Our customers are able to track their own shipments into and out of Mexico via our website, which includes information fields that can be updated by our Mexican carriers.

Qualified Personnel & Modern Facilities: Our offices in Monterrey, Laredo, El Paso and Tulsa are staffed by personnel who monitor all shipments in Mexico and ensure each load arrives at the final delivery point intact and on time. Melton's high quality service standards are upheld by maintaining long-term associations with Mexican carriers. Our customers are able to depend on the experience we have built working with the most respected Mexican carriers, customs brokers and freight forwarders. For our customers new to selling products in Mexico or Canada, we are able to help them with packaging, export documentation and the selection of a customs broker or freight forwarder.

Thousands of truckloads per day currently cross the Laredo, TX border. The majority of Melton Truck Lines' trailers moving freight for our customers use this particular port. Our cargo protection facility (CPF) at our Laredo terminal is capable of holding 20 trailers under roof and serves as a protected holding area for cargo in transit. The other ports we provide service through include Calexico, CA; Nogales, AZ; McAllen, Brownsville, Eagle Pass, and El Paso, TX.

Award Winning Service: In 2002, Melton was awarded with the prestigious President's "E" Award for excellence in exporting. The President's "E" Award is our nation's highest honor for achievement in exporting and attests to the professionalism Melton demonstrates in its cross-border operations. This award recognizes organizations that contribute significantly in the effort to increase United States exports. Melton was recognized for facilitating export expansion through transportation.

Melton Truck Lines Over-Dimensional Freight

Mexico Service flatbed trucking companies with 50 trucks, flatbed companies, list flatbed trucking companies, flatbed transport companies

Melton Truck Lines is proud to announce that we are now hauling Over-Dimensional (O-D) freight. We are excited to have a full-time O-D expert to accommodate our office staff, drivers, and customers with O-D load routings, obtaining permits, streamlined guidance, and other special requirements. Our goal is to be a full service flatbed carrier that can meet or exceed all of our customers’ needs.

What is Over Dimensional Freight?

Over-Dimensional, or “O-D” freight, is any product that exceeds one or more of the standard legal size criteria implemented by each state. A general guideline to legal parameters utilizing a 53’ flatbed semi trailer is: 53’ Long x 8’6” Wide x 8’6” High.

If the product is loaded on a 48’ flatbed trailer, the same size limits apply. Up to 53’ long material is considered legal on a 48’ trailer as long as the overhang past the rear of the trailer does not exceed 4’.

When the size of the load exceeds one or more of these limits, it is considered Over-Dimensional. At any time if a load exceeds 8’6” in width, it will be considered O-D in every state. Every state has different length limits for combination vehicles, so what may be O-D in one state, may be legal in another.

Melton Size Limits for Over-Dimensional Loads:

  • Width Limit: 11’
  • Length Limit: 60’
  • Height Limit: 8’6”
  • Weight Limit: 48,000lbs
  • *Certain restrictions apply to loads greater than 10’ wide. Contact our Special Services Coordinator at 918.270.9657 or nothnagel@meltontruck.com, for additional information.

Is my load eligible for a permit?

For a load to be eligible to operate under a permit, it must be a “non-divisible” load. This means that the freight must be one solid piece that cannot be easily disassembled and made into smaller pieces that will fit within the legal size limits of the trailer. If a load is over 8’6” in width, it must be one piece that cannot be altered to fit within the legal size limits. Multiple pieces placed side by side would be considered a “divisible” load and must be made legal. However, this does not mean that we cannot take O-D freight that is multiple pieces. We can take multiple pieces of O-D freight, as long as the piece(s) causing the load to be O-D fit within the definition of a “non-divisible” load.

Please contact our Special Services Coordinator at 918.270.9677 or Nicole.Knapp@meltontruck.com, with any questions or concerns you have about O-D freight.

Melton Truck Lines Equipment

Melton Truck Lines operates a large and growing fleet of impeccably maintained, late-model, air-ride equipment. We have one of the most modern and impressive fleets on the road today. The average age of our tractors is 1.5 years, and the average age of our trailers is 4.5 years.

With 450, 48' trailers and 1545, 53' trailers, Melton maintains a fleet of trailers designed to fit your flatbed shipping needs. Our trailers have air-ride, spread axle suspension and offer 48,000 lb. payload capacity. We have also now added a fleet of stepdeck trailers.

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