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BReast Cancer Awareness Truck

This month, we were able to pass our Breast Cancer Awareness truck on to the next driver. This truck is a constant reminder to remember those who have fought the battle of breast cancer. We hope it brings a smile to their face when they see it. Our driver, James Ward, is the new, proud driver. We were able to get some quick pictures of James and his son with his new truck.

May Monthly Celebration

We had our May monthly celebration in person. We had a great time getting to celebrate our employees and a very special birthday, while hearing an update from our leadership. After the celebration, we had birthday cake for our Chairman and CEO, Bob Peterson. We look forward to many more monthly celebrations together.

Blue angels & TCa Highway Angels

What makes Blue Angels? A Blue Angel is a Melton driver who has helped another motorist in need. Our drivers are the eyes and the ears of the road. When something bad happens, they are normally going to see it first. We have several drivers that have done heroic acts and earned the title of Blue Angel. Some of those same drivers have also earned the title of TCA Highway Angel, which is a national award. This month, we had two Melton drivers named a TCA Highway Angel, Stephen Carlin and Christopher Hight.

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