Each month, our drivers and office staff show their thank you to coworkers. We wanted to share those thank you’s with you! If you have a kudo to add, please email [email protected]

I love working with/for Melton! I think your program for drivers with no experience is excellent. Every person I’ve interacted with, either in person, or over the phone has been great. I’m not sure what more a person just out of trucking school could ask for. Sure, the job is hard sometimes, that’s the job. The company has always treated me very, very well. Thank you


The training and the mentorship program is top notch in my opinion. There are drivers on the road named Ambassadors who can help you too while on the road! Amazing! Kudos to Juan Ambassador of the Year 2019 for helping me tremendously



Kudos to Ashley Derr, best Driver Manager. Great miles, great equipment, and great support staff! Y’all are rockstars!


Kudos to Wendy Rolnicki! The part that makes me the proudest to work for this great company is the work my Driver Manager, Wendy, puts in for me. Two weeks ago, I lost my mom and she saw to it that I got home asap. While home my oldest son went into the hospital, and she had my home time long enough out to cover that as well. I know a lot of companies prides themselves on being family oriented, but Melton has proven that to me more than once!! My Driver Manager does a great job and I hope I’m never taken off her board!


Kudos to Gus Corona, he heard me on the phone trying to help a driver after Outside Repair left for the night. He needed help with a setting, but I didn’t know how. Gus heard me talking and jumped to have me have the driver call him for help. He is greatly appreciated, and I love knowing that he can be counted on to help if he is capable!

Rebecca Couick, Overnight Dispatcher

Kudos to Robert Opie. He is always looking to get Melton new customers while delivering to different consignees!  He gives them Melton pens and even buys candy to hand out.  That’s going above and beyond!  Thanks for all the leads Robert!  Keep up the good work!

Camille Adams, ISR

Kudos to Scott McFadden. Omar Vasquez was out on his first load and needed edge protectors and Scott helped him out.


Kudos to Rob Opie and Wayne Tyler! You made our day by going the extra mile and treating us with such kindness! We loved the thank you note and the candy bars.

Melton Customer

Kudos to Jay Tucker. Jay has been very helpful with my onboarding to Melton Truck Lines. It is very apparent he knows the business and his old territory well. He has not tired of answering my non-stop questions. Thank You Jay! I appreciate all your help!


Kudos to Jerry, He backed in next to me at a Love’s in Springville, Utah. As he was doing his walk around and such on his trailer, he noticed that one of my steer tires looked a little bit low. He knocked on my door and made me aware of it. Although I’m staying in Springville for a couple more days, I just had that tire put on and I was glad that he pointed out his perspective. He offered a tire pressure gauge, but I had one for myself. I wish that there were more drivers like him on the road were willing to point things out and help another driver out. I don’t know if he’s a trainer for you guys but that is the kind of person that really shows what trucking is about.  Oh, and my tire was 7 pounds low on air. And I’m appreciative to him for pointing that out.


Kudos to everyone at the El Paso terminal. Always a pleasant experience when I come here. Friendly staff, clean break room and restrooms, nice shower.

Fernando and Aaron are hardworking, down to earth professionals who makes you feel like family and not like a commodity.

Just wanted to put a spotlight on two people who make a big difference behind the scenes and remind me why I work here. Thank you, guys!

Patrick Blevins, Melton Driver