Hello, and welcome to our latest edition of the OpenLine.

Here we are, entering the 4th quarter of what has to be the most bizarre year we have experienced in quite some time. I’m sure most of you have seen them, but there are several images on the internet, “If 2020 was a person”. I think my favorite is Mayhem from Allstate Insurance. It certainly feels appropriate!  

With the level of uncertainty that 2020 has brought us to date, I could not be more proud of our staff. We did not allow a pandemic to keep us from pushing forward! Although there are areas we could have performed better in, we know where those areas are and are working hard to make the necessary adjustments.

Our drivers remained the professionals they are, and despite restrictions put in place by our customers following the CDC guidelines, we continued to deliver their product on time and damage-free. Our office staff also rose to the challenge to keep the trucks moving and all other day-to-day functions streamlined during this time as well.

 Our 4th Melton tradition is, “We never quit. We do not give up when things may not be going our way. We know we are destined for success as long as we work hard and hold true to our culture.”  As we continue to navigate through the 4th quarter, let us keep this tradition close to us and finish 2020 strong!  

There are a couple of drivers that deserve a shout out for the month! Our Driver of the Month, Jacob Meyers, and our Rookie of the Month, Derrick Roberts. We are pleased with the work ethic, consistent productivity, and the safety-conscious behaviors they display. Thank you for your hard work! We are thankful to have you on our team!

Furthermore, we are excited to bring back the Fuel Bonus in October with the first payout in January 2021. Please see the new criteria below, along with a few helpful hints to keep your fuel mileage at it’s best.  

October 2020 Fuel Bonus New Criteria:

APU Criteria and Pay Out

7.20  –  7.49


7.50  –  7.79


7.80  –  7.99


8.00 – higher


Non – APU Criteria and Payout

6.95  –  7.29


7.30  –  7.59


7.60  –  7.99


8.00  –  higher


Helpful tips for optimal fuel mileage:

  •  Idle Percentage– aim for 20% or less with APU and 55% or less without an APU


  • RPM Percentage– spend 5% or less in over max RPM for efficiency. This is even for automatics. RPM range is set at 1400 RPM for all trucks


  • Speed – SLOW DOWN to 60-62 MPH or best MPG speed for your truck/load. I know this is not popular, but certainly a big contributor to overall MPG results. Our best MPG comes from drivers who are consistently in this speed range.


  • Tire Pressure– Steers: 110 lbs psi, Drives: 100 lbs psi, Trailer axles: 100 lbs psi


  • Fuel Stops– Make sure you are using your assigned fuel stops. Using your fuel stops can help with trip planning and help keep Melton’s fuel costs down. If you have to make a change to a fuel stop, please send a Macro 39 with the city and state where you would like the adjustment made to stay fuel stop compliant.


  • Limit OOR Miles– 1) Trip plan carefully for the shortest, most efficient route 2) Carefully consider “easiest” vs shortest route 3) avoid driving any unnecessary miles during your trips


In closing, a heartfelt thank you to all our staff and the work we do each day. Our drivers have difficulties and demands on their job that we certainly do not overlook. Our office staff and those out in the field work hard every day and are happy to give you the tools to do your job safely. We appreciate each of your contributions and continuous effort in making Melton a successful company.

Drive Safely,

Lisa Mason

Vice President of Safety and Human Resources