Rookie of the Year

We had the best time surprising William Adkins for becoming our 2019 Rookie of the Year! William is a very competitive driver who excels in his career. He does whatever it takes to better himself and to come out on top. Congratulations, William! We couldn’t have chosen a better 2019 Rookie of the Year. Watch the surprise in the video below!

Driver and Rookie of the Month

As a company, Melton would like to congratulate Nathaniel and Eric for their outstanding performance and for being chosen to represent Driver and Rookie of the Month! Thank you for keeping America moving. We are grateful to have you on the Melton team.


Our Driver of the Month is Nathaniel Virgil! Nathaniel has been with Melton for the last 20 years and has a total of 25 years of experience on the road. He has a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to become a successful driver. He said, “Take your time and learn the job well. Pay attention, and don’t leave anything to chance. Do not let your guard down when it comes to safety, or you will have an incident. Over time you will become successful.”

Nathaniel is from Lake Providence, Louisiana, and he would like to shout out his mother, Jean. When he’s not driving, he enjoys aviation. While he was in the Army serving this great nation, Nathaniel was a commercial pilot for 15 years. He exclaimed, “If it can fly, I love it!”

When the interview was complete, Nathaniel added, “I want to shout out to my Driver Manager, Katrina, because she knows what she’s doing and takes care of the fleet so well!” This just goes to show how much of an asset Nathaniel is to the Melton team!


Eric Ansley earned our Rookie of the Month award based on his outstanding performance since he was hired in November of 2019. He joined the Melton team with over 7 months of experience and chose Melton because he’d worked in flatbed before and really enjoyed himself. He also feels flatbed brings stability.

Before joining the transportation industry, Eric served our country for 20 years in the United States Marines!

When told he received Rookie of the Month, Eric said, ” Vicki should get all the recognition. I just do what she tells me to do.”

His Driver Manager, Vicki Skinner, added, “Eric has been a great addition to Melton’s team!! He always strives to do what is right and carries a professional tone about him when dealing with our customers. He stays positive and gets the job done.”