Driver and Rookie of the Month

Congratulations to our Driver of the Month, Jacob Meyers, and our Rookie of the Month, Derrick Roberts ! Thank you, Jacob and Derrick, for your hard work on hitting the performance criteria to become Driver and Rookie of the Month. We are proud to have you on the Melton Team!

Driver of the Month - Jacob Meyers

Our Driver of the Month is none other than Jacob Meyers! Jacob started his driving career immediately after receiving his CDL and then started at Melton in August of 2017. When asked why he chose Melton, Jacob responded, “I chose Melton because I came from a family of flatbed truck drivers. Melton was the closest to my home in New Mexico, offered great benefits, programs, good reviews, and nice trucks.” After three years of over the road driving, Jacob’s favorite places to drive are the Northwest parts of the country in places like Montana and Idaho. 

Jacob’s top safety tips are:
1. Make sure the load is secure. There is no such thing as too much securement.
2. Keep tarps in good shape and patch when needed.
3. Stay calm and keep it between the lines.

Jacob’s interests outside of driving include radios, RC cars, model cars, sci-fi conventions, and comic cons.

Danielle McClain, Jacob’s Driver Manager, added, “Jacob is a great driver and an awesome guy to have on my team. He’s always willing to go above and beyond what is asked to make sure the job gets done and runs hard. He has a great attitude no matter the situation and represents Melton well out on the road. I’m lucky to have him on my fleet and look forward to continuing to work with him.”

Rookie of the Month - Derrick Roberts

Our newest Rookie of the Month is Derrick Roberts. Derrick started with Melton in May of this year but has a total of three years of driving. Before coming to Melton, Derrick worked in the oil field. He is from Texas, so of course, his favorite area to drive in is the south. He likes to do most of his cooking in his truck with a hotplate and microwave. Some hobbies Derrick enjoys when not driving are riding his bike and watching sports.

His Driver Manager, Jac Carpenter, said, “Derrick is doing a great job! He is still learning the ins and outs of Melton, but he is eager to learn and is serious about being the best.”