Health & Wellness

Working out at home or on the road can be a challenge.  Scheduling time in the day is the first and best step to get you going.  Also, don’t let the lack of equipment or access to a gym be a barrier.  Your body weight is a great workout tool.  Resistance bands and things found around your home or in your truck also provide some great resistance for weight training.  Tarps, gallon milk jugs, soup cans, pry bars, paint cans, using a chair for tricep dips or step-ups. Get creative when it comes time to get your workout fix on.  A great resource for our employees is our Facebook group “Melton Torqued”.

Employees can simply search “Melton Torqued” within Facebook and ask to join the group with their employee ID or driver code. I have over 80 workouts posted that are built for truck and at-home workouts.  Whatever equipment you have – JUST DO IT!


Stay safe AND healthy!

Bret Bringham, Wellness Manager

Driver Cookbook

Eating healthy out there on the road or at home? A huge part of being fit, controlling your lipids, and reaching your goals is proper nutrition. We have just put together this great cookbook to help give you some ideas! Remember, abs are made in the kitchen (or your truck kitchen) 💪

The cookbook contains sections with recipes that can be made in your microwave, air fryer, Instant Pot, and Crock-Pot. All of the nutrition information, ingredients, and instructions can be found with each meal. 

If you make one of these recipes, make sure to take a picture and post it to our Melton Torqued page!


No Gym Workout Ideas

While Melton’s Torqued gym is open, many are working from home or out on the road with no access to a gym right now. To keep you healthy and active, we’ve been posting workout plans to our Melton Torqued Facebook group for inspiration. By clicking on the images below, you can download them to your phone for future reference. Here are a few examples: