One of the best things about working at Melton is that we love to recognize others for the great job they are doing! We enjoy spreading positivity, so when you see a driver or office employee going above and beyond, let us know by clicking the button below or sending an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

“Macy Minter, Driver Manager, made a call to one of our customers, and the customer told her that he had never worked with such a great company like Melton before. He was so highly impressed with every single driver who has delivered to his location. He said we pay so much attention to detail and show wonderful customer service.”

“Joshua Martinez’s, truck 11702, 2nd load with Melton was a 10-stop load from California to Florida, and it covered 2,900 miles. Each stop was made on time and every macro was entered properly. According to Joshua, he loves to trip plan, and it showed! Great job, Joshua!” -Al Graffeo, Driver Manager

“I just wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to Trevor Glynn, truck 12206. I called Shawn Tiley, truck 13798, a new experienced driver, and he told me he had a repower with Trevor. Shawn told me Trevor sat down with him and went over macros, strapping techniques, and tips and tricks on driving in general! He made Shawn’s day by taking the time to sit down and explain everything to him. He loves Melton because of how helpful everyone is! He is new and already bleeds blue!!!” -Chloe Shell, Recruiting Intern  

“Randy Baskie, truck 13252, is AWESOME. Randy had a challenging load with a customer. During this situation, Randy kept up a positive attitude and just kept going. Randy, you are just AMAZING!!” -PJ Meritt, Extended Coverage

“Chris Wheatley, truck 12296, called the helpline desk and wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to Guillermo. Every weekend, Guillermo goes to the Laredo terminal and cooks on the grill for drivers. He also makes homemade salsa that Chris said is some of the best he has ever had! Chris wanted to make sure everyone knew what a great guy Guillermo is!”

“Joe Lopez, truck 12326, would like to praise Daniel Hague, truck 13722, based on a repower they did together. Joe said, ‘Daniel was very knowledgeable and eager to do things right.’ Joe was really impressed with his enthusiasm, which is so important for a driver’s success.”

“A big thanks to Anthony Cockrell in truck 11924. I hurt my ankle while stepping down from the catwalk steps, and he finished securing and tarping coils for me after just finishing his own load up. I could walk on it for about 5-10 minutes before the pain set in. It sucks that I’m hurt, but it’s good to know we got each others back. Its drivers like Anthony that make me proud to be with Melton.” -Josh Capell, truck 13596

“I had a phone call with Luis Ojeda, and he really bragged on Paul Marquez! He told me Paul is there for him and since he speaks Spanish it makes him feel more comfortable because he feels like Paul understands him more than other people.” -Chloe Shell, Recruiting Intern

Larry Langdon, truck 13186, is always there for me. He’s a wonderful mentor. He makes me feel so comfortable about me asking him any questions. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.” -Muritala Tijani, truck 13704

 “As a trainee, it is a nerve-racking process, but I had the honor of learning alongside great instructors with patience and the care to help me learn.” -Broderick Calloway

My trainer is a great person!” -Daniel Perez, truck 13308

“I just wanted to thank my drivers on fleet 34 for their hard work. Special thanks to Kevin Lacey, truck 14020. He is one of my drivers who always has a positive attitude, and every load to him is a JIT load. He is a safe driver. He never complains and always looks on the bright side.” -Maria Valtierra, Driver Manager

“One of the drivers Kevin LeMoine spoke to over the phone for Driver Appreciation Week mentioned he wanted to give a shout-out to a fellow driver for helping him out. Lawrence Reevey, truck 12948, is fairly new, and he said he really appreciated Donald Trego, truck 12272, for taking the time to show him a few things.”

“I just received a call from the consignee about Rashade Loyd, truck 12258, about his professionalism with this delivery. Very polite, professional, and great communication with delivery. This consignee wanted to thank us for having very professional drivers like Rashade.” -Cesar Ramirez, Safety Log and Technology Coordinator

“One of the drivers I called today, Jason Staple, truck 12908, had nothing but amazing things to say about his DM Danielle McClain. He let me know they have a great relationship and it has made all the difference in his year here at Melton.” -Nisha Crittenden, Human Resources Intern

“Happy Driver Appreciation week to my friend Martin Coleman, truck 13810! Martin was brand new to Melton and flatbedding when I met him in Tulsa last year. His desire to overcome obstacles, persevere through the difficulties, and be the best at what he does is so encouraging and refreshing! He isn’t afraid of hard work, isn’t too proud to ask for guidance when he needs it, and he holds himself accountable when things don’t go as planned. He often refers to me as his “over-the-phone trainer”, but we are more than co-workers. We are truly friends, and I enjoy the many conversations we have about things as simple as work issues or as meaningful as our relationship with God or as transparent as our love, admiration, and devotion to our incredible wives. Martin is a good man, a good friend, and I’m very thankful God placed him in my life!” -Steve Kirkland, truck 12970

“Chris Wheatley says Stephen Daley’s, Driver Manager, communication is top-notch! Chris says he knows he can get worked up about small things because he wants perfection, but that he knows when he calls Stephen, Stephen will listen carefully until Chris settles down, and everything will be okay.”

Anonymous WorkHound Kudos

We’ve added a new section featuring anonymous driver feedback sent in through our feedback system, WorkHound.

Look for a text from WorkHound each week from “48714.” Leadership reads every comment daily. We will respond with company changes and updates based on your feedback.

“This story is about my very good friend, Wesley Ender. We went to CDL school together, and then both of us were hired by a reefer trucking company in Wisconsin. We absolutely hated it! Low pay, old broken down trucks, and they were always rude when they talked to us. Then we found Melton, and that’s when everything changed. We were constantly calling each other in disbelief about how grateful we were. Wes is a very smart guy. Too smart to be driving a truck lol. Whenever I have a question, I can always call my good friend Wes, and he almost always knows the answer. I am honored to be his friend, and I always look forward to our conversations in the future.”

“Fleet 36 leadership speaks volumes for all our success!!!”

“I appreciate Katrina.”

“I personally want to thank Frank the tank for all of his outstanding knowledge and expertise and for a very professional experience on the road with Chewy.”

“It has been absolutely amazing! I have learned so much from Joel!”

“It’s been good. I have an excellent Trainer, Larry Haskins. He’s been quite informative.”

“Awesome Trainer! Not sure If I am allowed to mention his name, but I will. It’s Matt Lanig.”

“Matthew Thomas JR, Melton Ambassador, has been my go-to for nine years. He tells you the truth and will help anyone. He is true blue!”

“I would like to honor Bryan Anderson. He and I both started driving together 6 1/2 years ago. Bryan has been a flat bedder the entire time. He is a wealth of knowledge. I know that if I have a problem not need help. I can count on him. Bryan is the consummate professional. He has some of the best looking tarp jobs on the highway. I’m happy he joined the Melton family in January.”

“Mr. Albert Randall has been a mentor to me from the very first day I met him at a shipper. A very resourceful and sharing individual. It’s great when a fellow driver call to see how your day is getting on the road. All praises due to Mr. Albert Randall, a beautiful human being.’

“I want to tell Mr. Carlos Diaz. Thank you for the best training in OTR/Flatbed quick trip Course! And thank Mai at the Tulsa Melton orientation building for taking care of me!”

“I appreciate Tony Katan. Tony served in the navy, started basic training one month before me, always helping other drivers if you have questions, he is very helpful, good trainer, thank you for your service.”

“Garrett Ramadei is my trainer & is the guy who shows me around. He’s a good trainer & a good driver.”

“Johnathan Williams and I started at a company that is one of the worst there is. He showed me some things in driving as a trainer but left that company, and I got him for a trainer at Melton. He’s doing great! The moral of the story is, don’t get discouraged by a company when you have good friends that stick with you.”

“Matthew Thomas and I have been friends since day one!” 

“Melton is a wonderful place to work. I really appreciate the owner, Mr. Bob, and my DM, Mr. Jac, for all they do and all the drivers at Melton who are always willing to do teamwork when we’re out here in these rough environments because I truly believe in teamwork makes the dream work!”

“I would like to say Clyde Alexander one he’s a million miler so he has done his job here at Melton truck but he is also a very great trainer and friend very knowledgeable to the way the trucks operate and this company run he has caught me at my lowest and has picked me up to let me know that it’s all going to be ok to turning my thoughts into greatness and my skills from fear to confident I have worked around many people and not only have you guys pick the right person for trading you guys Blessed me with a promised future threw this guy he made it easy to drive with and for and even clean inside and out his truck the patience this guy holds with in is amazing as well I just want to let you guys know that if I had to go to the world and tell them about Melton he would be an example of what Melton is as a company if I had to up hold his talent I’d need years of training but he is a solid trophy and I thank you guys for a wonderful individual like Clyde A and appreciate the chance to work with Melton Trucklines.”

“I appreciate Kavin Foster. He’s taught me a lot about Melton, a few things about trucking, and a little about life. Appreciate you brother!”

“I can’t name one driver, but I can say that throughout my first year, I have had lots of support from all of my drivers. I salute the culture that Melton Drivers have with their willingness to help out fellow drivers. When I first started driving years ago, there was always a reference to truckers being the Knights of the road. Melton represents that culture.”

James Evans was my trainer this time. Cool feller to be around, funny, smart as a whip too. Always has time to answer any question that I may have. So thankful that I got him as I have made a lifelong friend. Special kudos to Michael Maines. When I got a Canada load, he took the time to help me understand the process of coming back across when he could have been using that time to get closer to his consignee. Saw him a couple of weeks later, well actually he saw me first, and spoke to me like we had been friends forever. These two men are the backbone of Melton.”

“A driver that I highly appreciate is driver David in truck#12298. He is a professional trainer of flatbed who goes above and beyond to help others and his job. So when you see him salute him to greet him and show compassion for a role model Melton truck lines flatbed driver and trainer.”