Driver Requirements

Driver requirements

Melton Truck Lines currently has job openings available for experienced and entrylevel truck drivers in the lower 48 states. For your application to be processed, you should meet the following standards:

  1. Must be 21 years of age or older
  2. Valid Class A CDL from the state you reside in
  3. No BACs, DUIs, or DWIs in the last five years
  4. Must meet all applicable DOT Regulations including a DOT physical and NIDA approved drug screen administered by a Melton Truck Lines physician
  5. Must pass an integrity interview and meet Melton’s work attendance and availability requirements

If you have questions about our requirements or would like to know if you qualify for a position as a Class A CDL Over-the-Road (OTR) Flatbed Driver with Melton, please call us at 866-715-8563.



Application Process

Melton aims to remain ahead of the competition with top pay and benefits, free on-site clinics and dentists, driver help desk, safety and referral bonuses, rider and pet programs, and much more.

  1. Apply online or call 866-715-8563 to speak with a recruiter.
  2. You will complete a phone interview with your recruiter where we will collect work history, safety, and background information.
  3. Your recruiter will forward your application to a processor who will check your references and reports.
  4. Your application will be sent back to your recruiter so you can complete a final interview to make sure that we have everything correct on your application.

Once your application is reviewed and approved by our hiring board, we will schedule your transportation to orientation.


Driver Testimonials

Carla chose Melton because they have been upfront and honest with me from the beginning.
Carla M.

After being with Melton for 6 months, I’ve seen all 48 states. Melton keeps me busy. They keep me running and pay well.
Blakeley P.

I was able to use my tarp pay to help me with the vacation I just took. I tarped 15 loads and paid for my hotel for 11 days.
Gus C.

Everyone has always made it a point to know me personally. Their terminals are like home and the people there make you feel so welcome.
Donnie M.

Melton Truck Lines has job openings available for both experienced and entry-level truck drivers. We respect and appreciate every one of our drivers at all levels. From our benefits and pay to equipment and facilities, we are constantly looking for new ways to boost each driver’s experience.