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Melton Flatbed Truck Driver Base Pay

Melton's Base Pay Scale

At Melton, your starting pay is based on your verifiable over the road (OTR) experience.

Once you become a part of the Melton Truck Lines team, you will receive raises based on your accumulated months of OTR experience until you drive 120,000 miles with Melton. At that point, you will continue to receive raises based on the Melton miles you drive.

In 2018, our average driver made $65,000 - $70,000 based on OTR experience and our top driver in 2018 made over $100,000!

Our base pay scale is below:

Driver's Experience Level Pay Per Mile
Recent Grads/No OTR Exp/Entry Level 43 cpm
3-12 Months OTR Driving Experience 45 cpm
1-3 Years OTR Driving Experience 50 cpm
3+ Years OTR Driving Experience 51 cpm
Top Base Pay (Based on Melton Miles) 56 cpm

Entry Level Drivers - Guaranteed Pay

If you are an entry level driver and have to go out with a trainer, you are guaranteed to make at least $850 a week once you get on your own truck. This guarantee will run through your 90-day anniversary. Of course, you can make over $850 based on the miles you run and extra pay you earn, but you will not make below $850 per week your first 3 months with Melton.

Experienced Level Drivers - Guaranteed Pay

If you are an experienced driver, you are guaranteed to make at least $1,000 a week for your first 60 days with Melton. You will make your mileage pay or the guaranteed pay, whichever is greater for the first 60 days to make your transition to Melton a more secure and comfortable process.

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