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Perks of Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed trucking is commonly viewed as one of the most challenging types of truck driving jobs in the industry due to the physical demand and unique skills that are required. Flatbed drivers must work in all types of weather conditions, lift heavy tarps, and secure...

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Fears of Flatbed

Tarping & Securing Your Own Loads Flatbed drivers haul a wide variety of commodities that can’t fit or don’t make sense to place in an enclosed trailer, such as: steel, lumber, building materials, and large machinery to name a few. It’s the driver’s responsibility...

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Top Military Friendly Trucking Companies

In addition to Melton, there are various trucking companies that offer special programs and benefits for veterans and transitioning service members. At the end of this article, we've provided a quick visual breakdown of the main features in each company's program. The...

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The Importance of Driver Feedback

  Driver happiness is key to maintaining a low driver turnover rate and delivering quality service. Listening to driver feedback not only allows drivers to voice their opinions, but also allows carriers to better understand what is going on through a driver’s...

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8 Ways to Keep Your Semi-Truck Clean This Spring

 Spring is leaping its way in and it is time to get out of the winter funk and breathe in the fresh air. Over-the-road drivers are out for weeks at a time and can travel back and forth across the country, so it is difficult to know what should be kept in the...

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