Over Dimensional Freight

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Over Dimensional Freight Services

Melton Truck Lines has a team of experts in our over-dimensional department that ease load routings, get permits, streamline guidance, and other special requirements. We are a full-service flatbed and step deck carrier offering both legal and over-dimensional loads to best meet all of your flatbed shipping needs, no matter the size or weight of your load.

What is Over Dimensional Freight?

Over-dimensional freight is a shipment that exceeds the standard legal-size criteria for a flatbed trailer. Shipping these loads takes more coordination and planning than a standard flatbed shipment, and regulations for OD loads differ by state. Our experts can help you navigate these barriers and get your over-dimensional freight where it needs to be. 

Over dimensional freight hauled by Mellton Truck Lines

Why Choose Melton for OD Shipping?

  • Team of special service coordinators that can help arrange your shipment and serve as a simple point of contact
  • Specialized equipment for hauling OD. providing maximum options for your shipment
  • Drivers trained and certified in OD trucking, ensuring your freight is taken care of properly and will reach its destination without unnecessary delays
  • Technology and OD freight tracking, so you always know where your freight is located

Over-Dimensional Load Guidelines


Melton flatbeds can load up to 65-foot-long material, but the load must be under 38,000-pounds to scale legally and must be self-supporting material. 

When the size of the load exceeds one or more of these limits, it is over-dimensional. At any time, if a load exceeds 8-feet, 6-inches width, it is considered over-dimensional in every state. Every state has different length limits for combination vehicles, so Melton’s over-dimensional department takes extra care to ensure our unique load is routed and permitted correctly. 

Is My Load Over Dimension?

Length Width Height
Feet 60′ 11′ 9′
Weight Up to 54,000 LBS (24,494 KG)
Length Width Height
Upper Deck 11′ 11′ 8’11”
Lower Deck 46’6″ 11′ 10’6″
Weight *Up to 54,000 LBS (24,494 KG)

*dependent on load configuration

Need Another Shipping Solution?

Do you need a specialized trailer or have different shipping needs? Our sister company, Melton Logistics, can help you find transportation solutions for all your freight needs.

Is my Load Eligible for a Permit?

For a load to be eligible to operate under a permit, it must be a “non-divisible” load. This means that the freight must be one solid piece that cannot be easily disassembled and made into smaller pieces that will fit within the legal-size limits of the trailer. If a load is over 8-feet, 6-inches in width, it must be one piece that cannot be altered to fit within the legal size limits. 

Multiple pieces placed side-by-side is considered a “divisible” load and must be made legal; however, this does not mean that we cannot take over-dimensional freight that is in multiple pieces. As long as the piece(s) causing the load to be over-dimensional fit within the definition of a “non-divisible” load, we can take it.