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As one of the largest and most experienced international flatbed and step deck carriers in North America, Melton Truck Lines is U.S. Customs bonded and handles thousands of international shipments each year. You can feel comfortable knowing that Melton’s expertise with international shipping means your freight will reach its destination in a timely manner, with a minimal chance of delays along the way.

Melton participates in ACE & CTPAT, both of which help trade and strengthen border security. We are well-versed in border crossings as well as the paperwork and processes involved in getting your freight across the border efficiently.

Melton’s International Shipping by the Numbers

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Benefits of Melton’s Cross-Border Shipping Services

•  Melton is U.S. Customs Bonded, so customers can utilize a single carrier without risking damage or delays from transloading

  CTPAT Certified carrier ensures a more secure and expedited supply chain for customers

  Through-trailer service enables faster border crossing while minimizing the chance of cargo damage

  Dedicated International Team skilled in cross-border shipping will assist in getting your loads to their destination as efficiently and hassle-free as possible

  TWIC – Transportation Workers Identification Card certified drivers allow port access without incurring escort fees, which makes shipping your freight faster and more cost-effective

  Company-Owned fleet of impeccably maintained late-model equipment means greater control of your freight and less chance of delays and damage due to faulty equipment

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Melton Truck Lines’ outstanding service has earned us recognition as a premier flatbed and step deck carrier. We hire service-oriented, over-the-road drivers that meet stringent safe driving standards, resulting in the consistent safe delivery of your freight. Melton has received numerous awards for services, safety, and employee and customer satisfaction. 

Melton truck cross border shipping into Canada


Our goal is to make shipping flatbed freight to and from Canada as effortless as a domestic load. Our trucks and drivers cross the Canadian border and deliver your load to its destination as quickly as possible, without the delay of cross-border handoff. 

All our trucks are equipped with Omnitracs, and we offer online load tracking 24 hours a day, so you can always know the status of your shipments. 

Canada Shipping Highlights

•  Over 300 Canada-qualified drivers – there’s always someone ready to handle your freight

  Through-trailer service to and from Canada minimizes cargo damages

  Crossing points in Point Huron, MI; Detroit, MI; Buffalo, NY; Champlain, NY; and Blaine, WA, so we can carry your freight wherever is most convenient


With one of the longest histories of international through-trailer service among all United States carriers, border crossings are a routine business at Melton Truck Lines. Over 30% of our business crosses the U.S. and Mexican borders. Melton has demonstrated its superiority in cross-border operations expertise and the ability to deliver products on time and damage-free. 

Most of our Mexico freight crosses through the Laredo, TX border. Our cargo protection facility (CPF) at our Laredo terminal holds 20 trailers under one roof and serves as a protected holding area for cargo in transit.

Mexico Shipping Highlights

•  Through-trailer service to/from Mexico minimizes cargo damage, speeds up border crossing, and reduces cost

  Over 400 trailers dedicated to Mexico, which means equipment is available when and where you need to avoid loading delays

  Offices in Monterry, Mexico; Laredo, TX; and El Paso, TX enables local support for your cross-border shipments

  Crossing points in Laredo, TX; Eagle Pass, TX; Nogales, AZ; Calexico, CA; and Tijuana, BJ enables faster border crossing and provides more options for your freight

  Bilingual sales, customer service, and equipment control specialists ensure effective communication with customers, forwarders, and Mexican carriers

Melton truck cross border shipping into Canada

Load Tracking, Qualified Personnel & Modern Facilities

Melton’s high-quality service standards are upheld by maintaining long-term associations with Mexican carriers. Our customers can depend on the experience we have built working with the most respectful Mexican carriers, customs brokers, and freight forwarders. 

Our offices in Monterrey, Laredo, El Paso, and Tulsa track all shipments in Mexico to ensure each load arrives at the final delivery point intact and on time. Customers can track their own shipments into and out of Mexico via load tracking on our website, which includes information fields updated by our Mexican carriers.  

cross border Shipping FAQ

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