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President's Club

Melton’s President’s Club drivers are the epitome of what it means to be a Melton driver and career flatbedder. Their hard work and constant dedication to safety, on-time delivery, and professional behavior set them apart as some of the top drivers in our company and serve as an example to other drivers of what to strive for. For their leadership, Melton rewards our President’s Club members with several incentives.

Ambassador of the Road

  • Criteria
  • 1,000,000 Miles to Join
  • MPG Requirement (6.2)
  • Performance Requirement (80%)
  • Professional Behavior

  • Perks
  • Customized Truck with $2500 worth of extra options of the drivers’ choice.
  • Profit Sharing Bonus
  • Card Key Access to All Terminals
  • Ambassador Jacket
  • Truck Decals
  • President’s Club Ceremonies

Blue Knights Of The Road

  • Criteria
  • 3 Years Safe to Join
  • MPG Requirement (6.2)
  • Performaer Requirement (80%)
  • Safety Requirement
  • Professional Behavior
  • Perks
  • Profit Sharing Bonus
  • Truck Decals
  • Knights of the Road Jacket
  • Company Store Discount

Expected Professional Behavior

  • On Time Delivery
  • Safe Driving
  • Safe Working Habits
  • Leading By Example
  • Mentoring
  • Complete Paperwork
  • Clean Truck
  • Professional Appearance
  • No Customer Complaints

Profit Sharing

President Club Drivers receive a profit sharing bonus based off their performance for the previous full year. At Melton, we want to recognize our drivers for their commitment and service to making our company profitable. After 3 years safe, our drivers are eligible based on qualifying performance factors to participate in our profit sharing program.

Ambassadors = 100% profit sharing
Blue Knights = 25% profit sharing

If you have questions about our programs or would like to apply for a position as a CDL Class A Over the Road (OTR) Flatbed Driver with Melton, please call us at 866-715-8563.

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