Melton’s CEO Washing a Melton Driver’s Truck for Driver Appreciation Week

8 Ways to Keep Your Semi-Truck Clean This Spring

Spring is leaping its way in and it is time to get out of the winter funk and breathe in the fresh air. Over-the-road drivers are out for weeks at a time and can travel back and forth across the country, so it is difficult to know what should be kept in the truck, what can be left at home, and what is trash, especially if you’re new to trucking. If you feel like your truck is cluttered or messy, take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and clean it out!

Below are 8 spring cleaning tips from Melton:

We recommend you use this list as a guideline to follow so you can stay clean, organized, and motivated while on the road.

  1. Toss it! Take time to eliminate everything you do not need, especially trash or food. Even if you only do a little at every stop. Try making it a habit.
  2. Pack away! Put away the winter items and lighten it up with spring gear. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen.
  3. Organize your truck! Ensure it best fits your lifestyle. Stowaway items you do not use regularly and have your common items easily accessible.
  4. Wipe it down! Bleach wipes and Windex are your friends, and it is a great way to prevent illness while removing dust, dirt, and grime.
  5. Freshen it Up! Vacuum and deodorize your cab when given the opportunity, you will be breathing fresh clean air in no time.
  6. Go for a Wash! Not only do we want a fresh interior, but also a nice clean cab outside. It makes your truck shine and glimmer with Melton Blue Pride. Melton partners with Blue Beacon Truck Wash Locations for a discounted wash.
  7. Pet Care! Melton offers Pet and Rider Programs, so you can bring your pet or family member on the road. If you have a pet riding with you, give them a grooming and wash-down as well, to maintain a comfortable ride for both you and your precious rider.
  8. Enjoy it! Take a deep breath of fresh clean air, relax, and haul some freight.

There are several benefits to keeping a clean and organized truck. Having a clean truck will benefit your mood and hygiene. Decluttering will not only be better for you but will also be better for customers. Every truck has a hauling capacity; in Melton’s case, we promise our customers that we can haul 48,000 pounds. Your empty weight should not take away from this amount.

There are many ways to clean, organize and unclutter your truck and you will need to find what works best for you. Remember, be prepared for anything but keep light and simple.