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Experts in Flatbed Shipping services

Melton Truck Lines has been a leader in the flatbed industry for 70 years. We operate a well-maintained fleet of late-model trucks and 53-foot air-ride flatbed and step deck trailers, which minimizes cargo damage and potential delays. Unlike many flatbed carriers who provide limited route flexibility, Melton offers long-haul flatbed trucking solutions in all 48 contiguous states, as well as Canada and Mexico, making Melton your one-stop-shop for safe and on-time delivery.

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What is a Flatbed Shipment?

Flatbed shipping is required for cargo that is either too large to be transported in a standard dry van trailer, or for cargo that doesn’t require the protection of an enclosed trailer. Both flatbed trailers and step deck trailers provide easy access for loading and unloading, and flexibility in the size and shape of loads hauled. Common flatbed freight includes building and construction materials, machinery, tires, metals, and more.

Flatbed Shipping – Watch Now!

•  Adaptable, personalized shipping solutions throughout North America

  100% Company Trucks & Drivers, means more control over loads and pricing

  Trailer pools are available to reduce downtime and increase scalability

  Project coordination and specialized solutions

  Nationwide terminals & Offices in Monterrey, NL Mexico, offering greater flexibility for customers

  Covered cargo protection facilities in Tulsa and Laredo reduce the risk of potential damage and delays

  Company-Owned fleet of impeccably maintained late-model equipment means fewer breakdowns and greater on-time delivery

  Melton’s CSA safety scores verify Melton’s “safety first” focus for drives and customers’ freight, resulting in consistent safe delivery of products

Melton flatbed shipping in a parking lot

Hear from our customers

Five blue stars

“When/if there are issues, we always receive proactive feedback and support to find the solution that addresses the issue. I am always impressed with the lengths Melton Truck Lines will go to try to recover a load that broke down, to find another driver who is in the area who can jump in and haul the freight to the destination. They always look for a creative solution on the infrequent occasion when the chips are down. The infrequent occurrence of equipment issues speaks to the well-maintained fleet of trucks Melton drivers operate.

Five blue stars

“I know anytime I need a material shipped, I will have a team of people coordinating any aspect as soon as I email or call. From what is required, when it will be picked up, to delivery aspects, we are informed and updated. I have personally dealt with hundreds of other companies, and I can honestly say Melton has always been the most seamless. The drivers have always been exceptionally well-mannered, and ready to get the job done. As well as all of the trucks being meticulously maintained and outfitted with all required accessories. This alleviates stress and downtime that normally could occur for my company and its customers.”

Five blue stars

The customer service and sales support we get from the Melton team is fantastic. Melton representatives are available to me to talk trucking strategy, to help me with budgetary pricing, and to help with creative solutions to transportation problems in our network. My account rep accompanied me on a customer call to address trucking issues that had nothing to do with Melton Truck Lines, but to help me explain the trucking perspective to the customer. Melton’s support of our business is outstanding.”

Five blue stars

We would not deliver to our customers in the manner they have grown accustomed to receiving without the commitment Melton Truck Lines makes to our business. Melton commits capacity to us every day and builds capacity into our origins to be able to haul our freight out of our origins. Melton supports us with flatbed capacity out of a dozen of our locations. On the rare occasion where a truck might be late, melton does a good job communicating the status of the truck with our customers and with us, so we are all kept up to date and aware of truck status.

Ready to Move Your Flatbed Freight?

Melton Truck Lines’ outstanding service has earned us recognition as a premier flatbed and step deck carrier. We hire service-oriented, over-the-road drivers that meet stringent safe driving standards, resulting in the consistent safe delivery of your freight. Melton has received numerous awards for services, safety, and employee and customer satisfaction. 

Melton's flatbed shipping equipment

53′ Flatbed Trailers

Melton's stepdeck flatbed shipping equipment

53′ Step Deck Trailers

Melton’s Flatbed Shipping Equipment

Each truck comes equipped with the same set of tarps, securement, and dunnage, ensuring that every Melton driver is properly equipped to handle any customer load. 

Every driver at Melton is required to complete an extensive 8-day pre-employment program, where our state-of-the-art instructors teach all the ins and outs of tarping and securing flatbed freight. You can trust that every Melton driver you encounter will treat your load with the utmost care.

With a trade cycle of 42 months and the overall age of our fleet at 22-24 months old, our trucks are less likely to break down due to mechanical issues, causing fewer delays in delivery.  

Operates 53’ aluminum composite, air-ride flatbeds & step decks, creating minimal risk of in-transit damage, while offering a 48,000 lbs. payload capacity.  

Nationally recognized for our signature Melton blue trucks, signifying that loads are being hauled by an honorable carrier.  

Trailer Types for Flatbed Shipping

As a flatbed transportation service provider, it’s important that our fleet is equipped to handle various types of flatbed freight.  Melton has two types of flatbed shipping trailers 53 flatbed trailers and 53’ step deck trailers – providing lots of options to accommodate all of your shipping needs. The maximum dimensions for a standard flatbed load are listed in the tables below. Click to enlarge photos.

Length Width Height
Feet 53′ 8’6″ 8’6″

Flatbed Trailer Specs:

53′ by 102″ aluminum composite trailers

48,000 lb. payload capacity

California Legal Flatbed Trailer

Air-ride, spread axle suspension

Length Width Height
Upper Deck 11′ 8’6″ 8’5″
Lower Deck 41’6″ 8’6″ 10′

Step Deck Trailer Specs:

53′ lightweight, all-aluminum step deck trailers

46,000 lb. payload capacity

Legal in all 48 states, Canada, and Mexico

11′ upper deck can legally load up to 8’6″ high material

41’6″ lower deck can legally load up to 10′ high material

What Types of Flatbed Freight Does Melton Haul?

Melton’s flatbed fleet can haul a wide variety of freight types for your business. From construction materials for roads and buildings, to pipe transportation for oil and gas, and even pieces of a stage for a concert, our flatbed trailers can manage many different loads for your business and simplify your transportation process. Learn more about the most common types of flatbed freight we haul in our blog.

What if my load exceeds these dimensions?

Our trucks are well equipped to handle over-dimensional loads. Check out our OD page for more information.

I Have Other Shipping Needs - Can you Help?

Our team over at our sister company, Melton Logistics, can help you find transportation solutions for all your freight needs.

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What an honor to be recognized for Melton’s continued dedication to provide quality flatbed transportation services. We value the strong relationships we’ve built with our loyal customers and are proud of our outstanding employees who continue to work proactively and diligently. The excellent work from our office staff along with consistent, safe, and productive performance from our drivers upholds our reputation as an industry leader in flatbed transportation.

Spence Slaymaker

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Melton Truck Lines