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“Shifting Gears for Seventy Years”

Since Melton Truck Lines was established in Crossett, Arkansas in 1954, we have been focused on providing a family-first atmosphere and a dedication to excellence. 70 years later, we continue to deliver on that promise to our employees and customers. From a fleet of less than 100 leased tractors to over 1,400 trucks driven by the best drivers available, Melton Truck Lines continues to serve customers coast to coast and strives to remain a symbol of reliability, connecting communities and businesses across the country. We are proud of the efforts of our Melton family – from the office and shop to those amazing drivers on the road – that have allowed us to celebrate this milestone.

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Melton Throughout the Years

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History of Melton Truck Lines

1954: Melton is Founded

Melton was founded by Burt and Gladys Melton in 1954 with just two trucks. They began hauling lumber and roofing materials throughout Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

1980: Melton Grows

Melton had over 600 trucks by 1980 and was approved to begin through-trailer service in Mexico.

1989: GlasTran is Founded

Bob Peterson founded GlasTran in Tulsa, OK, starting out with 30 trucks and only 6 people in the office. Their focus was on the needs of flatbed shippers, and some of their first customers were glass companies.

1991: GlasTran and Melton Merge

GlasTran merged with Melton Truck Lines and made the move to Tulsa, OK to set up shop. Melton employees referred to the time before this as “old Melton,” and the time following as “new Melton.”

2004: Melton Celebrates 50 Years

In 2004, Melton celebrated its 50th year in business and had grown to become one of the biggest players in the flatbed trucking industry.

2013: Work Begins on HQ Building

Melton Truck Lines broke ground on a new headquarters building. This space would serve as a central hub for its growing office staff and over 900 drivers.

2024: Melton Today

With over 1,300 Melton trucks on the roads across North America, Melton is proud to celebrate its 70th year in business. We will continue to uphold our family-first principles as we innovate further in flatbed transportation.