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Matthew Kennedy - Employee Services Supervisor

Matthew Kennedy

Employee Services Supervisor

Matt started his career here in 2013 with Conexus Logistics. Shortly after completing his Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing and Management from Oklahoma State, he took over as the Social Media Coordinator for Melton and began building the strong Social Media presence you see today. Pursuing his passion for connecting with and helping people, he joined the Human Resources team in 2015. Along with Terran, Matt is responsible for recruiting and training office personnel, corporate communication and company event planning. He loves being able to recruit great people and support their success in challenging roles. In addition to his responsibilities, Matt brings people together within the company for casual events, volunteering opportunities, and corporate sports teams. He takes pride in his ability to build relationships with people on every level and to lend an ear to anyone who needs to talk.

Delaney Rea - Employee Services Analyst

Delaney Rea

Driver Services Manager

Delaney serves as Melton’s Driver Services Manager which encompasses the support, engagement and retention of Melton’s driving employees. In her 6 years at Melton, she has served in several Human Resources roles including Recruiting, Veteran Resource Management, Training and Development and Analytics. Delaney has represented Melton Truck Lines in the Tulsa Chamber, Mosaic (a diversity and inclusion group through the Tulsa Chamber), and the Oklahoma Veteran Alliance in addition to serving as Interim Chair on the Workforce Tulsa Board. Delaney is a proud Northeastern State University alumna and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a dual focus in Finance and Human Resource Management. She is passionate about creating space for everyone’s voices to be heard, mentoring others to rise to their desired potential, and identifying how, through our workforce, we can build more successful companies and communities.

Terran English - Employee Services Coordinator

Terran English

Employee Services Coordinator

Terran joined the Melton family in 2018 with our sister company, Conexus Logistics. After a year with Conexus, he joined the Human Resources team as an Employee Services Coordinator. Along with Mr. Kennedy, he is responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training office personnel as well as corporate communication and company event planning. Terran holds a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication from Northeastern State University.

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