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Marilyn Surber - Employee Services Manager

Marilyn Surber

Employee Services Manager

Employee Services Manager, Marilyn Surber joined Melton Truck Lines in 2008. Ms. Surber oversees Melton Truck Lines’ human resources, corporate training programs, corporate communication, employee services, and social media network to ensure consistency and relevance in the organization. She has over 10 years’ experience in corporate communication and training. Ms. Surber holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from The University of Tulsa. She is an active member of the Tulsa Are Employers Council, Commercial Vehicle Training Association, National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools, and Tulsa Young Professionals.

Matthew Kennedy - Employee Services Coordinator

Matthew Kennedy

Employee Services Coordinator

Mr. Kennedy joined the Melton family in 2013 with our sister company, Conexus Logistics. Shortly after, he took over as the Social Media Coordinator for Melton. He joined the Human Resources team in 2015 as the Employee Services Coordinator. Along with Ms. Rea, he is responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training office personnel as well as corporate communication, company event planning, photography, and graphic design. Mr. Kennedy holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in Marketing and Management from Oklahoma State University.

Delaney Rea - Employee Services Analyst

Delaney Rea

Employee Services Analyst

Ms. Rea came to the Melton family as their HR Intern in 2014. After graduating from Northeastern State University with her Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance and Human Resources in 2015, she moved full time into Driver Recruiting as the Recruiting Coordinator. In Driver Recruiting, she was able to build a solid foundation of understanding for how the departments function together as a whole, and she fell in love with the culture across the company. In 2016, she transitioned into her current role as the Employee Services Analyst. In this role, she recruits for the office, offers ongoing training and development for current employees, and performs reporting and analysis for the HR department.

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