April 2024

Leadership Message

VP of Safety and HR, Lisa Mason, VP at Melton Truck Lines, VP Headshot

Welcome to the newest edition of our Openline!

Spring is officially in the air and as we prepare for a more robust freight environment, let’s also prepare ourselves for the changes spring brings to safety.

With more freight, the urge to hurry is there. The words hurry and safety don’t go together, so slow down and remember the details involved in doing our job safely. Although we are still working through some tweaks with our new telematics system, GeoTab, skipping through steps on the tablet will only slow you down during a load.

  • Your logs can be an easy way for a DOT officer to find errors. Make sure you are paired properly to avoid unnecessary attention.  When in questions, call Safety for assistance.
  • Special instructions are there for allowing you to be more productive, not slow you down. Take the time to read through what we took the time to tell you. Having the right equipment prior to arriving at a shipper, or even special instructions upon arrival are there to help you be efficient. When videos are available for you, take the time to review them to verify your plan for securement is in line with what we need you to do. Not doing securement properly will only lead to a stop enroute and an adjustment to the load, or worse, cargo damage.

Our CSA scores continue to be on the right track with improvement across the board, let’s continue to be mindful as we move through this month. Thank you for your efforts in this area!

Let’s also avoid downtime by taking our time parking. We are seeing an uptick in our backing accidents, so Get Out And Look and save yourself the unnecessary downtime a parking accident can cause you and our company.

We work hard to get you quality training that is relevant to what we are seeing as a fleet, so thank you for taking our monthly training seriously and taking the time to complete it. We want to all speak the same language when it comes to Safety!


Drive Safely,

Lisa Mason

Vice President of Safety & Human Resources

NOTE: Driver of the Month, Rookie of the Month, and Top Fleets are unavailable this month. Drivers will be recognized when this information becomes available.


Every month we receieve lots of amazing photos from our drivers from their time on the road. If you have a photo you’d like to share, send an email to [email protected].

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Here’s some positive messages we receieved about both office staff and drivers for this month!

I had reached out to Miguel asking him to help a fellow driver Ken. Ken was loading at the same shipper as Miguel. Ken is a newer driver and needed some assistance with securement. I asked Miguel if he would head back to the shipper and help Ken, and he called me back and let me know our friend Ken has been taken care of. Miguel made my job easy that day. He was a great sport, team player, takes pride in his work, and someone who has an “all-in” attitude. We are lucky to have him as a Melton colleague. Thank you, Miguel!!

Brandie, Safety & Operations Extended Coverage Specialist

Just want to give a shout out to Daniel. We were parked at a Loves and talked for a few minutes, and told him I was going to make dinner. About 10 minutes later, he knocked on my door with a plate of food that he made in his truck. It was an awesome gesture and shows the teamwork and family atmosphere within the company (and it was delicious!).

Anonymous via Workhound

I asked a question the other day about how recaps worked, and Christopher responded to me. We spent an hour on the phone. He gave me a lot of good information about this topic and many others as well. I appreciated that he took the time to help me out.

Anonymous via Workhound

Was at the yard this weekend. God Bless the weekend crew in the shop. Got me a new tire & mounted a bracket for an Amber light. Thank you, fellas! See y’all later!

David, Melton Driver

I’d like to take a moment to personally thank Brianne for always going above and beyond for her drivers. I have known her for years now and can definitely say we have grown together here at Melton Truck Lines, and have faced and overcome many obstacles both at work and in our personal lives.

It’s nice to know that whenever I need her, she is only a message or call away and always makes me feel protected. It’s not the money, the truck, or the loads that keep you working for a company, but the people and relationships you meet that create a lasting impact. Brianne has definitely made an impact on me and this company.

Most times it’s not what we do, but what we forget to do, that some people focus on, but little reminders from those who care about you can make a bad day into a great day.

Thank you again Brianne, you do a fantastic job helping your drivers support themselves and their loved ones. You deserve a raise!

Patrick, Melton Driver

Just some appreciation. I know trucking has its ups and downs, but working for people that care matters. I’ve met some awesome drivers on the road, at the terminals, and at shippers/cons. My driver manager Ms. Karen (Fleet 21) is always responsive when I have questions or need more information on a load. I appreciate the load planners keeping me rolling. Shout out to Lisa, Angie, and Ashley and everyone else from safety and operations, and Steve for always answering our questions. I read his comments on other driver’s posts and always learn something new from the information he provides. Outside repair is always very helpful when unforeseen circumstances arise. I’ve heard some horror stories about other companies leaving drivers hanging I’m just happy to work for a company that doesn’t. Safe travels everyone and happy Easter.

Jason, Melton Driver

(To Maria, Driver Manager) Thank you so much! I appreciate all the work you put in. Ever since being on Fleet 34, I have noticed a big difference in getting loads faster, better loads, and the best communication. Thank you for going the extra mile, it’s what makes me want to stay with Melton! Happy Easter! 

Junior, Melton Driver

Today marks my 4-year anniversary with Melton. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I’ve had my struggles and victories since day one, and I can only pray that I always do this to the best of my capabilities. This is the first driving job I have ever had, and I am grateful that Melton gave me the opportunity to start my career. This is hands down the best company I have ever had the privilege to work for, and I don’t ever plan on going anywhere else. My goal is to be at 500k miles by the end of the year, and to eventually get that million-miler truck. And a big thanks to my DM Jordan with Fleet 26 for putting up with me!

Benjamin, Melton Driver

Wanted to give a kudos to my driver, Jacob. He was in route to a pickup on 3/22 when he witnessed a rollover accident. He did not hesitate to stop and immediately sprang into action, and was able to get the driver pulled out of the truck before it caught fire. Thank you!

Edgar, Extended Coverage

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