Welcome to the latest edition of the Melton OpenLine!

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate our Driver of the Month, Jonathan Williams, and our Rookie of the Month, Bobby Parker. It takes a lot of dedication and attention to detail to earn these recognitions, so congratulations to these well-deserving drivers. You can read more about Jonathan and Bobby’s accomplishments in the DOM & ROM section of the newsletter.

As for Maintenance-related topics, I officially assumed the role of Vice President of Maintenance at the end of March and I’m excited for the new opportunity. I worked alongside all of our Maintenance staff during my transition to gain a deeper understanding of our department. From shadowing Outside Repair to working side-by-side with our Mechanics, it is assuring to see a driver-facing attitude in everything that we do. My plan is to execute the Maintenance department’s mission statement which, in summary, is to take care of our drivers and our Operations group.

Much like my time in Safety, a lot of our efforts in Maintenance revolve around CSA points. Drivers should be checking their brakes, lights, and tires multiple times each day for areas vulnerable to potential violations. These simple inspections could save you hours in the future. If you do find a defect in your inspection process, please send a Macro 18 describing the issue.

With summer quickly approaching, drivers need to make sure they’re prepared for the heat. You’ve most likely turned on your air conditioner by now, but please ensure that it is in working order. Also, drivers should stock up on water, sunscreen, and clothing that is lightweight and light-colored. Heat exhaustion is always something that we see throughout the summer months, so please start preparing now. It is a completely preventable injury if you stay hydrated, take frequent breaks, dress properly, and eat nutrient-dense foods.

Drive Safely,

Scott Stephan

Vice President of Maintenance