Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of the OpenLine newsletter.

First, let’s recognize our Driver of the Month and our Rookie of the Month. Congratulations to these fine drivers!

The 2nd Quarter results are hot off the press and we achieved historically high productivity and low empty miles. More importantly, we achieved these miles with terrific safety results.

Freight is still strong in most areas and we need each of you – and a lot more good drivers like you! We have matched the sign-on bonus with the driver referral bonus. During the 3rd quarter, you can receive $1500 for student drivers hired and $5,000 per experienced driver hired. The referral bonus pays out half at 30 days of the driver’s employment with Melton and the final half at 6 months of their employment. Please use your RocketCDL app for sending in and tracking your referrals.

In addition, we are working with drivers to help them get back to their great driving schools to show off their trucks and paychecks. Our Recruiting team has created a new program called the Road Dawgs for our talented drivers who present to CDL schools across the country. They have the opportunity to work with their Driver Manager when scheduling visits to avoid using home time days for their presentations. Many drivers want to use their other recruiting skills – and this is your chance!

In my last article, I noted Driver Satisfaction Taskforce items are: 1) communicating preplans, 2) staff communication and response time, 3) Laredo and Terminal experience, 4) shop coordination, and 5) freight selection.

We are still intently working on those initiatives with a special focus on home time related topics:

  • Preplans: Our goal is to download your plan early 50% of the time when we are ‘mostly certain’ that is your load. Please be patient if the plan changes, your load cancels, or “your” load moves to a driver that is empty earlier.
  • We are setting weekly goals around the number of drivers we can load through the house on weekends. We contracted a software change that will more reliably match loads and driver’s home domicile.
  • Our “East Fleet” is made up of 1) drivers that live in a freight dense area, 2) TAMs work hard to ‘plan loads through the house’, 3) drivers are limited to the Central and Eastern Time Zones. We are up to 39 drivers on that fleet and growing. With the new software, we intend to be more successful with loads through the house.
  • Our trial to change your domicile to anywhere in our traffic lanes (with a few exceptions) is still active. Many drivers have opted to take time off in the coolest locations and attend special occasions all over the country.
  • Repowers: Our goal is to cut the frequency in half in the 3rd quarter to reduce your hassle. So far, we are trending to meet that goal by finding drivers loads to their home.
  • Our recent hometime survey showed that 20% of respondents wanted to accumulate more time for each week out. The last 6-month study showed that we are getting drivers home a day or two early in almost every price zone, resulting in widespread “Free Days” that are not deducted from your Bank. We are still researching options that will produce strong paychecks and work/life balance.

In closing, our terrific drivers deserve nothing but the best. Ask for what you need and let us see how we can accommodate you. Thank you for choosing Melton.

Angie Buchanan

Vice President of Operations