July 2024

Leadership Message

VP of Safety and HR, Lisa Mason, VP at Melton Truck Lines, VP Headshot

Hello and welcome to the July edition of the OpenLine!

As we continue to catch up on awards, I’d first like to recognize our Driver of the Month, John, and Rookie of the Month, Willi. Thank you for representing Melton and continuing to go above and beyond. I’d also like to recognize the several drivers who recently competed in the Oklahoma Trucking Association truck driving competition. Melton was well-represented and won the following awards:

  • Doug Duncan won 1st place in the 5-axle division and will represent Melton at nationals.
  • Ashley Denise Neff-Chopane won 2nd place in the 5-axle division.
  • Dakota Rorrer won the best score for pre-trip inspections.

Please join me in congratulating these drivers. In addition, Melton has been recognized by Oklahoma Magazine as the Best in Transportation for the state.

Pictures are worth a thousand words (unless I’m drawing them), so allow me to use some data from Freight Waves to discuss the current state of the market. Below, you will see a chart of total trucking authorities (white line) versus available loads (green line). Trucking authorities include all fleet sizes, and in our world, the number of smaller fleets exceeds the number of larger fleets. There is still a gluttony of capacity in the market and shippers maintain a majority of the power in regard to rates. Many of these fleets are accepting loads at lower margins or even at a loss to maintain cash flow. This is not sustainable, and the number of companies factoring receivables is on the rise, unlike Melton, which has always been financially conservative with our resources.

From a strategic perspective, Melton has prided itself on developing long-term, year-round shippers that want to be with us throughout all freight cycles. Smart shippers are using this opportunity to position themselves with quality carriers that won’t jump ship when the freight cycle turns in our favor.

With nearshoring in Mexico on the rise, we expect our volumes both Northbound and Southbound to continue increasing. Mexico has emerged as the United States’ largest trading partner and that isn’t slowing down. We offer a service that few carriers try to tackle, but our excellent international team in the U.S. and Mexico have made cross-border operations seamless for our customers. We have recently gained business from customer referrals to their peers in the industry because we are the best at it.

Continue the good fight and when the market starts to recover, we will be in a position to capitalize.


Spence Slaymaker
Vice President of Sales

Driver & Rookie of the Month

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Every month we receieve lots of amazing photos from our drivers from their time on the road. If you have a photo you’d like to share, send an email to [email protected].

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Here are some positive messages we receieved about both office staff and drivers for this month! If you’d like to give kudos to a coworker, please send it to [email protected].

Mr. Douglas has been an amazing friend and mentor to me over the last 3 weeks, and I can’t thank him enough for the excellent training, patience, and wisdom that he provided to me. I’m grateful to be a part of a great company, and I’m looking forward to my future with Melton Truck Lines.

Matt, Melton Driver

I feel ready and confident after my training. I also want to give a good word to my trainer, Charles. He is definitely one of the best trainers ever and deserves to be recognized for it! He is an excellent coach and has amazing teaching skills, and he’s very patient and understanding. The man is absolutely amazing and I’m lucky to have him as my coach/trainer!

Anonymous, Workhound

My training is going great. My trainer is very knowledgeable and I learned a lot about what it takes to be a professional flatbed driver, how to properly secure loads, and from the one-on-one training I received from Robert, I feel I’m ready to take on this job and be successful.

Anonymous, Workhound

Well, all good things have to come to an end. I did okay by being 5th in my class at the Truck Driving Champsionship, but I’ll be back stronger and better next year. We have been growing together here at Melton Truck Lines since orientation back in Feb 2022. The bond we have is awesome – truly my family on the road. As for the rest of the team, I can’t wait to do it again. We had such a wonderful group and the friendships we have made are amazing. Congratulations to Doug, Ashley, and Dakota for grabbing some hardware. I’m proud of y’all. Tony, thank you for everything and being such a wonderful coach. Without you and the long days of practice, this wouldn’t be possible. As for me, It’s back to everyday life on the road and doing what I do best, and that’s moving some freight. Once again, thank you Melton and everyone who supports us. Truly a wonderful company!

Mario, Melton Driver

Thank you to Carlos up here in Oregon. He is starting off his rookie season the right way, by helping a fellow colleague for no other reason than to just do it on a three tarp load. Much appreciated, Carlos. I hope I see you again and I can repay the favor!

Royal, Melton Driver

The Director of Safety at another trucking company messaged me yesterday to compliment the space, speed, and patience you were practicing on Highway 80E in Forney, Texas. Thank you for representing our company in such a professional and safe manner. Let me buy you breakfast or lunch next time you are in Tulsa!

Melissa, Director of Safety

First, I want to thank Shea in Safety for helping me out with a load. Five years here, and I still need some help now and then. Second, this time last year I was recovering from open heart surgery from a freak incident. It took me four months of recovery before I was back on my truck and running hard. But I want to thank two people at Melton who kept me in their thoughts. One was Dustin, who called to let me know Melton Operations was thinking and praying for me. Second was my DM, Katrina. She called me all the time to check in on me, and to make sure I was not overdoing what I was supposed to be doing. It meant a lot to me. Thank you all.

Chris, Melton Driver

Will is an awesome trainer. I felt lucky to be paired with him. All three weeks he made sure to show me everything he knew, and was a great resource that allowed me to pick his brain daily. He went above and beyond for me to ensure I have a solid start to my career. Not only did he teach me the Melton way, he went out of his way during our training to create specific training environments, (I.e.) backing maneuver challenges for me in empty and crowded parking lots to make sure I would feel uncomfortable which ultimately sets me up to feel more comfortable out there on my own. Great dude, amazing trainer! Will deserves every dollar & all the recognition he can earn for the quality of training he provided a young fella like me!

Nick, Melton Driver

Over the last 2 years, my DM Karen has gone above and beyond to make sure I’m taken care of. She’s been a great coworker and friend over the years. She’s taken time on her days off to check on me in certain situations. She’s worked diligently for hours to resolve any major issues that may occur. I believe she deserves to be recognized for her hard work!

Anonymous, Workhound

I want to brag about Steven, he’s an awesome DM! Very patient and understanding! I’m thankful I’m in Fleet 10. He’s very easy to work with and the communication is always good. My productivity has improved and he’s great at what he does! So, I will rep Fleet 10 from now on!

Anonymous, Workhound

I would like to praise and commend my DM, Maria. I have been with Melton for 10 months and my original DM left the company earlier this year, so I was regrouped into Fleet 34. Since the switch, I have noticed the communication both to and from has been very prompt, but most importantly resourceful.

Anonymous, Workhound

I wanted to share this neat story about Obi and Alex, two drivers I recently welcomed to my fleet. They have been friends since childhood! They attended the same school, and when they graduated, they went into the Marines together. They are now both veterans and decided to come and join Melton together as well! Obi and Alex are now both on Fleet 22, starting this new endeavor; I am thrilled to have them both on my team!

Lydia, Driver Manager

I just received a call from a motorist who wanted to compliment David’s driving. She said he avoided an accident ahead and wanted to let us know how well he handled himself and the truck. Great phone call!

Shea, Safety Generalist

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