Types of flatbed freight Melton Truck Lines has hauled

Most Common Types of Flatbed Freight

Just like other modes of transport, flatbed freight loads can accommodate many different commodities. Depending on the time of year, using open-deck trailers will be your best bet for a multitude of different load types, from building materials and heavy machinery to military freight.

When shippers need to move larger, bulkier freight that exceeds the standard sizing of a van trailer, flatbeds and other open-deck trailers are the solution. Flatbeds allow for simpler loading and unloading, and freight can be situated and secured from multiple angles with the help of machinery.

Some of the most common industries utilizing flatbeds are in landscaping, construction companies, and the oil and gas industry. The typical freight you’ll see these industries shipping down the highway are among the following:

Lumber & Other Building Materials

Flatbed carriers offer many types of construction trucking services, like lumber, metals, concrete, limestone, and other building materials. These loads may or may not be covered with a protective tarp depending on the material type and shipper specifications.


Pipe transport is extremely important for many industries, including oilfield transportation. Oftentimes, flatbed carriers are responsible for transporting the pipelines used to transport oil and gas across the country.


Another very common sector of the industrial transportation industry is steel and metal hauling. This can come in all shapes and sizes, from coils to wire to beams – all of it plays a critical role in building and construction, and an open-deck trailer makes it easy to load/unload these items.


These aren’t your everyday tires! Tires for very large vehicles can get heavy and cumbersome to load, so flatbed transportation tends to be the best way to transport a lot of these tires in one trip.

Construction Machinery

Construction equipment transportation is another important sector of the flatbed industry. These vehicles are often too heavy for a standard enclosed trailer — an open-deck trailer can support the weight of the vehicles as well as make the loading and unloading process much easier.

Heavy Vehicles

If a heavy vehicle is unable to be transported on its own, heavy-haul transportation is a good solution to safely move these vehicles from point A to point B. This could be something like a tank being transported to a military facility, or a plane moving to a museum.

Stage Equipment

Have you ever wondered who helps transport the stages at your favorite events? Sometimes, it’s a flatbed truck! If the larger pieces of these stages are too large and heavy to be transported in a regular dry van truck, an open-deck transportation solution for your entertainment freight is the way to go.

These are just a few of the most common types of flatbed freight, but the versatility of flatbed trailers means you can transport all sorts of loads. Whether you’re looking to ship large scale pallets of goods for a building project, a large piece of equipment to be shipped out of state for a new oil rig, or a single tractor being taken to a showroom, flatbed and other open deck trailers are the best option for your business.

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