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Melton Driver of the Month - Petras Patronas

Melton Truck Lines Driver of the MonthOur Driver of the Month, Petros Patronas, has been a wonderful addition to the Melton fleet for almost 5 years! Petros’ interactions with others are always so positive and never fails to leave a great impression. Before joining Melton, he actually drove for a few years in the late 1980’s and then found himself working at other various jobs. However, when the opportunity came to drive again, Petros went back to earn his CDL and came to Melton right after graduation.

When asked what makes Melton different than other companies, Petros exclaimed “Melton is one of the best companies I have ever worked for. I feel lucky to have applied to such a great company. I hit the jackpot with Melton!”

Petros also credits his wife for being an amazing support system for him on the road. She rides along with him very regularly and even helps navigate. They enjoy the scenery of our country during the spring time where everything is green. Both Petros and his wife are from Europe and they love the opportunity to go back and visit their family each year!

Being a more tenured driver, Petros’ best safety advice is to not follow too closely and to be patient. He says, “The load is not worth your life. Take your time!”

Petros’ former Driver Manager, Carolyn Douthat, is one of Petros’ biggest fans! She says, “Petros is the embodiment of a great Melton driver. He has what is best for the company in mind when making all decisions. He has been the top driver for Fleet 08 on numerous occasions. I attribute this to having a supportive wife who is on board with him. Thank you for all you do!”

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