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Melton Driver of the Month - Jim Johnson

Melton Truck Lines Driver of the MonthOur Driver of the Month, Jim Johnson, has been with Melton for the last 9 years and enjoyed a career in trucking for over 25 years. Jim recently achieved One Million Miles SAFE with Melton and we are so proud of his hard work!

During his 25 years in trucking, Jim has driven fuel tankers, food delivery trucks, and delivered bakery products.

With such extensive experience, Jim has some excellent advice and knowledge to share with his fellow drivers and trainees. Jim says, “To be successful, do things one step at a time and always do them the Melton way. Melton treats their drivers right and that is what differentiates them from the rest.”

When Jim is not on the road, he enjoys shooting sporting clays and spending time with his family in Florida. He thanks his wife, Bobbi, for keeping the homefront running while he is away.

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